Convert SQUARE METERS to Penny Tile Sheets

If you want your order shipped outside USA, you must pay for shipping.
Minimum order required is 10 penny sheets.
(Shipping within USA is free and minimum order required is 5 penny sheets.) 

Shipping outside USA can get expensive due to weight.
For example, 2 square meters are about 24 penny sheets which can fit in one box at about 14 kg and the shipping fee can be around $100 - $150 or more. 

We can provide a more accurate shipping price once we know how many penny sheets you need and your country. Here's the best way to continue:

  1. find out how many penny sheets you need using the converter below

  2. tell us how many penny sheets you need and your country

  3. we'll reply with a shipping price and you decide if you want to place your order

How many penny sheets do I need based on square meters: