Pictures of projects made with PENNIES

Customer provided pictures showing their projects made with our Real Penny Tile Sheets. Scroll down to see more.

Full wall around fireplace covered with our standard tile sheets of pennies. 

Pennies installed as wall tile around the fireplace.

Walls covered in sheets of pennies from countertop to ceiling... or the ultimate backsplash made with mosaic sheets of pennies.

Backsplash made with random pennies on our standard real penny tile. Wall covered in sheets of pennies from countertop to ceiling.

Sheets of pennies installed as tile on bathroom floor.

Bathroom floor covered with standard sheets of pennies made with random old and new pennies.Bathroom floor covered in pennies.

Penny tile sheets installed on concrete bathroom floor (shown before grouting).

Floor covered in tile sheets of pennies. Picture taken before grouting.

Floor and baseboard covered with tile sheets of pennies. Also includes the customer's own diamond shape design probably made with nickels and dimes.

Baseboard and floor installed with pennies as mosaic tile.

The bar backsplash/wall has sheets of pennies installed all around the shelves.

Bar wall / backsplash gets lots of pennies installed for the best rustic/antique look together with the decor.

Fireplace finished with tile sheets of pennies including custom made sizes per customer's instructions.

Real penny tile sheets installed on fireplace.

Pennies installed on bathroom floor surrounded by white tile on walls.

Beautiful bathroom floor finished with our standard tile sheets of random pennies.

More pictures being added soon...

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