Real Penny Tile Sheet
Specifications / Details

Handmade mosaic tile sheet with real (copper, zinc,..) pennies (1 cent coins as penny tile) on double mesh backing.Real Penny Tile Sheet Handmade With 224 Pennies

Dimensions of a sheet as seen in the above picture:

-outermost edges of pennies, left to right is:   
11.70 in. (or about 11  11/16)

-top to bottom is:   
11.45 in. (or about 11  9/16)

This is so the item can fit in shipping boxes with inside dimensions of 12x12 in.

one sheet covers approximately .9 sq. ft. (or 90% of one square foot).

Gap / Space
where the pennies are closest to each other is about 1/16 in.

Number of pennies on each sheet:
There are 14 pennies in one row and 16 staggered/offset rows.

Weight is about 1.3 - 1.4 lbs per sheet.

How Many Penny Sheets Do I Need?

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More Penny Tile Sheet Details That Matter

Each sheet has 2 layers of mesh, giving it more strength and providing for safer/easier handling and installation.

We make sure the mesh follows the very curved outline of each sheet and does not stick out at edges to interfere with the next sheet at installation time.

Also, the mesh completely covers all pennies that are on the 4 edges the same way as it covers the rest of the them as seen in the picture. That's one of the big details pointing to quality manufacturing of penny tile sheets in general.

Mesh backing covers all pennies on the edges of this real penny tile sheet made with random (copper) pennies/coins.Double layer of mesh perfectly following the edges.

Instant Converter From Sq. Ft. to Penny Sheets

If you prefer to do the math on your own:

(SF means square feet)
Measure the SF of your project then add some extra SF as you think are needed for your particular case, to get your total SF.

Divide total SF by .9  (point 9) because one sheet is about .9 SF

Total SF  divided by  .9  =  number of penny sheets to order


26 SF project + 2 extra SF = 28 total SF
28 SF divided by .9 = 31.11 sheets  (order 31 or 32 sheets or as you see fit)

41 SF project + 4 extra SF = 45 total SF 
45 SF divided by .9 = 50 sheets  (order 50 sheets or as you see fit)

62.75 SF project + 5.35 extra SF = 68.1 total SF
68.1 SF divided by .9 = 75.66 sheets (order 76 sheets or as you see fit) 

158 SF project + 11 extra SF = 169 total SF
169 SF divided by .9 = 187.77 sheets  (order 188 sheets or as you see fit)

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How many penny sheets to order for my project?
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