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Real Penny Tile Projects Made Easy 

1. Do you recommend any products for installation, grouting, sealing, maintenance, etc. of the penny sheets?

We cannot recommend any products for any part of your penny project simply because the main ingredient in our sheets is random pennies of all ages with their own specific particularities. 

We only provide the penny sheets to save you the pain of gluing one penny at a time to a floor, wall, etc for a very long time.
By placing an order, you understand, agree with, and accept this and all other info on this page.

All tile manufacturers can definitely tell you what products are recommended to install, clean, etc. any tile made by them. That's because the tile is made by them.

In our case, the 'tile' is real pennies which are not a 'tile' made by us. Therefore we cannot make any recommendations regarding any part of your project.

Feel free to consult very experienced, licensed contractors (tile installers) in your local area and also Google whatever was done by others.

We did write an article with lots of images that may provide some useful general information about installation and grouting of pennies (link to Part 1).

We also mention in our Terms & Conditions that our only 'contribution' to someone's penny project is providing the handmade penny sheets to save them the back breaking effort, knee pain and time consuming process of gluing penny by penny to a floor, wall, etc.

You can find examples of people (online) who glued penny by penny for a very, very long time. They also had to decide what products to use for every part of their project. We only offer the premade penny tile sheets to improve a painful part of the project but every other decision still belongs to the homeowner and/or contractor.

One important thing that comes from someone who tried it and shared their experience online - they say... do not use water-based sealers on pennies because water can/may turn copper green.

Pennies do have some copper content and exposure of copper to water/moisture (for how long?) can turn the copper/pennies more or less green (an extreme example is the Statue of Liberty).

We're sorry we can't be of more help, given that the main part of our real penny tile sheets is the good old penny, which is not a 'tile' made by us.

2. How about cutting pennies?

Cutting pennies? - Absolutely NOT!
Cutting the mesh in between the pennies - yes.

We do not recommend cutting any penny/pennies by any means as it can be very dangerous (injury or worse) and will most likely dislodge the pennies and cause them to break away from the mesh. 

You can however, cut the mesh in between the pennies to get the desired size that will fit in the place where a full sheet won't fit.

One way to cut the mesh in between the pennies is to place a penny sheet face up on a scrap flat surface (plywood, etc) and gently cut the mesh in between the pennies with a box cutter (new/good blade) or use your own method as long as it doesn't twist/bend the sheet or require too much bending/handling of the sheet.

Use safety gear and common sense.
You agree that you are the only one responsible for your actions.

3. Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, 5 sheets, but if you have a valid reason for less than 5 sheets, there's also a $24 shipping fee. Either way, you can message us after you start here.

4. Do you provide FREE shipping?

Yes, shipping is free (minimum 5 sheets required) and we only ship within USA.

5. How about returns/refunds?

No returns/refunds mainly because your penny sheets are a unique and special order product specifically manufactured for you after you place your order. We do not stock any penny sheets.

6. What is the lead time?

Lead time depends on how many penny sheets you need and the orders we're working on at the time you contact us. Start here.

7. How many sheets do I need for my project?

You can start here and you'll also see an instant way to convert sq. ft. to penny sheets.

You'll also decide how many extra sheets you may want to add.
Please use your human judgement and consider the particularities of your project area and add extra sheets based on that.

The case may be that you don't need any extra sheets. Or you may decide you need a couple of extra sheets. Usually, the bigger the project, the more extra sheets you may need.

If you happen to be short a few sheets at the end of your project, feel free to contact us to place an order for any number of sheets you may want -- and if you need less than 5 sheets, we'll do a one-time free shipping for you. 

8. What form of payment can I use to place an order?

Most credit cards or debit cards.

9. Which carrier do you use for shipping?

Only the US Postal Service (USPS Priority Mail) and you can check USPS delivery times here.

10. Will I have tracking for my order?

, we'll email you tracking info shortly after your order goes out.

11. How many penny sheets can you ship in one box?

Due to weight, we try to limit the maximum number of sheets per box at under 30 with a max. ideal of 24-26 penny sheets per box.

12. How heavy will my order be?

Before we answer that, remember these points:

-generally, if an order is more than 30 sheets, it will ship in 2 or more boxes
-not all pennies may weigh the same
-one sheet weighs approximately 1.3 lbs. including packaging

As a general idea about the weight of your order, multiply the number of sheets you want by 1.3 and that's approximately the total weight.

Let's say you order 24 sheets:
24 sheets x 1.3 lbs. per sheet = around 31 lbs. all in one box.

Let's say you order 58 sheets:
58 sheets x 1.3 lbs per sheet = around 76 lbs. split in 2 boxes.
Each box will have 29 sheets and weigh around 38 lbs.

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13. After my order is delivered, do you have any tips to know before installation?

-keep the box(es) indoors at room temperature and avoid any extremes

-due to weight, if you have 2 or more boxes, do not stack them

-after opening a box to see your new penny tile, it's best to keep each penny sheet flat on its cardboard and avoid bending or excessive handling

-keep the heavy box(es) and the penny sheets away from children/pets/etc due to choking hazard (contains small parts, i.e. pennies) or other dangers

14. How long have you been making these real penny tile sheets?

Even though most people may not even know such thing exists (real pennies as tile sheets), we've been hand-making these penny tile sheets since back in 2013.

15. What if I have a question not mentioned on this page?

Start here and you'll have a chance to message us.