Tiling With Real Pennies - Real Penny/Coin Tile

Tiling with real pennies is a great idea and once a project is finished it will definitely get everyone's attention and compliments.

Maybe you've already seen pictures or read articles about people who spent weeks or months gluing one penny at a time to a floor or wall. That's one way to do it, the hard way.

The process of tiling with real pennies has been made much easier and faster because now you can order interlocking sheets of real pennies attached to mesh.

This is how one of our standard penny tile sheets looks like (scroll down for more pictures):

Interlocking tile sheets made with real coins / pennies attached to mesh.

Each sheet has its uniqueness given the random position, shade, patina, ... of each penny.
The size of one sheet is just under 1 SF (square foot).
For comparison, the square cardboard on top of the box in the picture below, is exactly 12 inches by 12 inches.

Tile sheets of pennies that can be installed on floors, walls, counter tops, backsplash and more.

We put a lot of passion and work in the hand-making of the penny tile sheets.
Having these sheets for your project is the equivalent of hiring many 'sets of hands' to glue penny by penny to a certain area (floor, wall, etc) for a long time.
In a way, we're actually doing that hard work for you.

Notice how we make sure the mesh backing follows the outline of each sheet, thus giving strength to all pennies on the edges and providing for clean interlocking of sheets with no mesh in the way.

The mesh backing of each penny tile sheet follows the outline of every penny.
Tile sheets of pennies out of the box ready to be installed.

And now, let's see how the penny sheets interlock... Here we go with two of them...

Two penny tile sheets about to interlock.

Four sheets and counting...

Four penny tile sheets interlocked.

Let's place 12 penny tile sheets with gaps in between and then interlock them to get an amazing display. We call this a dry-fit. It's one of the very useful and advisable steps to do (even in the case of a professional tile installer) before installation.

12 real penny tile sheets about to perfectly interlock.

And there we have it... twelve interlocked tile sheets made with pennies, forming the beginning of your new floor or wall. A unique kind of mosaic made with pennies only.

12 sheets of pennies perfectly interlocked.

The last two pictures show different angles of view of the same 12 sheets from above.

The amazing thing is that as you step/move across a floor covered in pennies, and depending on the light too, new pennies start shining while others seem to fade until they are seen from the angle that can bring that spark back again.

Amazing view of 12 real penny tile sheets interlocked in a dry-fit before installation.

Tiling with real pennies is quite the 'change'.

Dry fit of 12 real penny tile sheets made with (copper) coins/pennies.

This is quite the 'change'...

Going from gluing one penny at a time to installing hundreds of pennies at once...  224 pennies with each sheet, to be precise. (That's $2.24 worth of pennies on each sheet.)

Ready for tiling with real pennies? Place Your Order.

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