About Real Penny Tile Projects Made Easy

We are a small family business located near Chicago, IL and have been in the tile field for about 20 years. Like many of you out there, we really love different or even unique projects and this is where real US pennies come in to provide quite the... 'change'.

We're putting in a lot of effort and time needed to bring you the highest quality handmade penny tile sheets so you can become the proud owner of a rare real penny project which you and your family/friends will enjoy for a long time.

Not to mention the compliments you'll receive from visitors to your home or by sharing your penny project pictures online (we can even publish on our website your penny project's before-during-after pictures and info).

When hand-making the penny sheets for you, we consider it's totally worth spending extra time on important details that are not necessarily very obvious but they matter a lot and make for decisive factors in quality.

For instance, if you gently flip one of our penny sheets upside down, you'll notice the mesh completely covers all the pennies, even the ones on the edges and corners AND the mesh is not sticking outside of any edges.

This provides for a very clean interlocking of sheets at installation time and gives strength to all pennies around the edges. The point is for the mesh to have the exact same shape as the curved line going around the pennies on the edges and corners.

If the mesh had straight edges, the pennies on the edges would either be just loosely attached to mesh and/or the mesh would be sticking out from under the pennies and become an obstacle in the way when installing/interlocking the next sheet.

The grout gap we set between pennies is about 1/16 of an inch at the closest point between pennies and we manage to fit 224 pennies in less than one square foot.

Actually, the size of a penny sheet is about 90% of 1 sq. ft. or .9 sq. ft. and we keep it that way to be able to fit in shipping boxes with inside dimensions of 12 by 12 inches. If we were to add one more row of pennies on either side of a sheet, it would be too big... over 12 inches. See more details about our real penny tile.

An important detail to mention here is that, because the sheets are made with real pennies and not a regular tile (ceramic, etc.), our only involvement in your project is limited to providing the penny sheets and we can't advise anything beyond that. See more in answer #16.

We also provide free shipping within US and if your order happens to be available in stock, it can be shipped the same day or next business day. If you're ready to place your order and want to know if there's a lead time, check this first. 

Our real penny tile sheets take the hard part out of your penny project. We do the hard work so you don't have to. There's a huge difference between gluing one penny at a time to a wall or floor, versus laying a sheet with 224 pennies on it.

There's no comparison! And you get the beauty and uniqueness a real penny project can bring to your home.
Good luck with your real penny project and...  keep the change!
From our family to yours... Thank You!

Real Penny Tile Projects Made Easy

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