Black Grout On Real Penny Floor/Wall

This page (black grout on real penny floor/wall) is Part 3 of our sample installation project using pennies as tile. If you've just landed here from Google or another search engine, please start in Part 1 (covering a floor/wall with pennies).

Part 1
Installation of Real Penny Tile Sheets

Part 2
Grouting a floor/wall of pennies.

Part 3
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Black grout on real penny tile.

There's not too much to say now but sit back and enjoy our work. As the old saying goes... 'a picture is worth a thousand words', we have a few thousand words for you. Let the pictures speak...

Grouted pennies as tile on sample floor.

Black sanded grout applied to pennies as tile.

Grout on floor covered in pennies.

Black Grout on Real Penny Floor/Wall

Black grout on real penny tile (pennies).Black sanded grout and pennies.

Close-up on black-grouted pennies installed as tile sheets on floor.Close-up of black sanded grout and random pennies.

Lots of pennies covering a floor/wall grouted in black.

Copper/zinc coin - real pennies covering a floor, grouted with black sanded grout.

1 cent coins glued to floor, grouted in black.

Flowers on grouted floor of pennies.

Flower sitting on top of floor covered in pennies grouted black.

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We hope you enjoyed the penny pictures and information provided in the 3 parts.

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