How To Order Your Real Penny Tile Sheets

Good to know before an order is placed:

  • FREE shipping, US only, by US Postal Service with tracking

  • Price per sheet is $29.99

  • Minimum order is 5 sheets

  • Payment by credit/debit cards

How many penny sheets do I need?

To make it easy, let's start with square feet.
How many square feet do you need?
Choose the number of square feet in the box below and see the bold numbers change instantly. 

You may want to add some extra sheets so please decide for yourself how many penny sheets to order depending on your project's particularities.

By placing an order you accept: 
-Q & A especially answer #16 (please read it)
-Terms & Conditions

Due to the on-and-off 'coin shortage' since covid, it takes longer for banks to provide us enough pennies. This means we communicate with each customer based on how many sheets they want and what the 'penny situation' is at the moment.

Before you can place your order, please let us know how many penny sheets you need - 
contact us here.

Fireplace surrounded by a full wall of pennies from ceiling to floor.Penny sheets on wall around fireplace from floor to ceiling.

Tile sheet of real random pennies on mesh. It's the real penny round tile.Handmade Real Penny Tile (224 random US pennies)