Real Penny Tile Projects Made Easy
Terms and conditions

The penny tile sheets are handmade with real random pennies of all ages and given that this is a very unique item, there may not be any products out there specifically made to go with tile sheets of pennies.  

For the above reasons and others, we do not and cannot make any recommendations, expressed or implied, about installation methods, glues, adhesives, grouts, sealers, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

If you were to make a penny project gluing penny by penny to a certain area, you would have to make all decisions about what products to use. Those decisions are still yours when you order our penny tile sheets. But by ordering our handmade penny sheets, you will be spared the back/knee pain and time consuming nightmare of gluing penny by penny for a very, very long time.

Given that we are a small family business and the penny sheets are made to order (order placed first, then manufactured specifically for you), there are no no returns/refunds.

For ideas on products to be used for installation, maintenance, etc. feel free to consult licensed experienced tile installers in your area, online searches or other trusted sources and make an informed decision. We don't cut pennies and we totally advise against attempting to do so as injury or worse can result, besides damaging the penny sheets.

These terms and conditions are subject to update at any time without notice.

By placing an order, you (the customer) agree to be responsible for everything related to your project and not hold us liable for any reason.

Placing an order represents acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you.

Real Penny Tile Projects Made Easy